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Announcing a New Partnership with Inview Imaging 

Mint Medical is excited to announce a new partnership with Inview Imaging in Oakland, California. For over 20 years, Mint Medical has been a leader in vascular ultrasound services and currently offers services at 15 hospital locations throughout Northern California. This partnership with Inview Imaging allows Mint Medical to deliver the same best-in-class vascular ultrasound services in an independent outpatient setting. 

Inview Imaging is dedicated to providing quality radiology imaging services to patients across the San Francisco Bay Area. As a local, community-based radiology practice and family business they know the area well and have been serving the Bay Area for more than 50 years. Inview Imaging currently operates six imaging centers in the Bay Area. 

Mint Medical is also deeply embedded in the Bay Area, particularly in Oakland and Alameda County. The county is home to a third of all Mint Medical hospital locations. “We are starting in Oakland with plans to expand beyond [to other Inview Imaging clinics],” says Mint Medical CEO Brad Hummel. Both Inview Imaging and Mint Medical are focused on providing high quality and affordable services for patients. The partnership brings together two powerhouses for medical imaging services in the Bay Area and will allow both to expand services and better serve patients with vascular ultrasound. 

Vascular ultrasound is a safe, noninvasive screening and diagnostic tool. At Mint Medical, highly trained and educated Registered Vascular Technologists and interpreting physicians provide reliable results, time after time. Within the Inview Imaging clinic, Mint Medical can now provide independent outpatient vascular ultrasound services. Mint Medical also guarantees preliminary results within 24 hours, sent directly to the referring physician’s office. 

This partnership allows Inview Imaging to offer patients these specialized vascular ultrasound services in addition to their current imaging services. These include digital x-rays, mammograms, MRIs, CT scans, bone density scans, and non-vascular ultrasound exams. Inview Imaging is committed to providing diagnostic clarity with patients in mind.  

The partnership also represents a new direction of growth for Mint Medical, beyond in-hospital partnerships. Mint Medical will be able to reach more patients with Inview Imaging, and both companies have similar histories and missions. “Inview Imaging is a local, well-established radiology practice, and we are excited about this partnership because we are both community-based,” Hummel says. Mint Medical services will be available within the Inview Imaging clinic in Oakland, California beginning June 2024. For more information, visit