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Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Classification: Full-time
Salary: $50.00 per hour
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Classification: Full-time
Salary: From 56.65 per hour
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Classification: Full Time
Salary: Starts at $58.35
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Classification: Full Time
Salary: Starts at $60
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Classification: Full Time
Salary: Starts at $61.80
Location: Hybrid
Classification: Administrative Support
Salary: Starts $20 per hour

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We have the highest regard for the vascular lab team. Our vascular scheduler and registered vascular technicians (RVTs) are such hard working and diligent people. The scheduler is always on top of things and manages the schedules very well. The RVTs are very knowledgeable and highly skilled. They all always go the extra mile for the patient! Communication between the vascular clinic and lab is crucial and we are blessed to have such an efficient team!
Chad Ith, PA-C, Vascular Surgery
My experience with the Vascular Lab has been nothing but exceptional. The vascular coordinator and her team have always been professional and courteous. They have been more than helpful both in person and over the phone. In fact, they always facilitate the medical staff with their orders in a timely fashion. I am very pleased with their service and expertise.
Jackson Wang M.D., Physician
As a clinician in the Emergency Department (ED), I have had excellent experiences with the vascular lab. Along with being responsive...the sonographers have been collegial with ED staff. Their ultrasounds are of high quality and performed in a very timely manner. I have visited the vascular lab for clinical questions and they have been educational in regards to vascular pathology. We are lucky to have such a great resource for patient care and physician education in the hospital.
Arun Nagdev, M.D., Department of Emergency of Medicine
With the invaluable help of Mint Medical, over 32,000 of our members [at Kaiser] have completed screening ultrasounds…These studies have been performed accurately and professionally and seamlessly…This has allowed us to complete [our] program on time and within budget. It has also allowed us to diagnose over 1,700 aneurysms, 10% of which have been large enough to require referral to one of our vascular surgeons.
Steven Okuhn M.D., Vascular Surgery