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Physiologic Arterial Exams (ABI/TBI)

If you have been referred for a Lower or Upper Extremity Physiologic Arterial evaluation, this exam will be used to assess blood flow through the arteries of your legs or arms. An arterial evaluation of the legs begins with blood pressure measurements in the arms and the ankles. Sometimes multiple blood pressure cuffs are placed to measure arterial blood pressures and flow along an entire limb, for example from the groin to the ankle. Based on a calculation from these measurements, the technologist may then perform a peripheral arterial duplex ultrasound exam or instead, may have you walk on a treadmill and repeat the cuff measurements. Learn more here.


  • Lower Extremities
    • Suspected arterial insufficiency (leg pain, claudication (effort fatigue), non-healing or slow-healing wounds)
    • Pre- and post-surgical evaluation
  • Upper Extremities
    • Suspected arterial insufficiency (arm pain, effort fatigue, or weakness)
    • Pre- and post-surgical evaluation

Patient Preparation

No patient preparation is needed.