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Mint Medical Promotes Employee Wellbeing with Massage Therapy 

Mint Medical employs Registered Vascular Technologists (RVTs) throughout California. These highly trained technologists perform dozens of vascular ultrasound exams each day, which can be taxing as they are standing for long periods of time. To promote employee wellbeing and reduce physical and mental stress, Mint Medical partnered with Synergy Massage & Wellness to provide mobile massages for their technologists. 

Synergy Massage & Wellness is a specialized service offering customized massage therapy for employees throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Synergy Massage & Wellness is dedicated to improving workplace performance by offering high-quality mobile massage services.  

Massage therapy has several health benefits, including: 

  • Stress reduction 
  • Reduced muscle pain and tension 
  • Increased relaxation 

Employees who are less stressed tend to be happier and more satisfied with their workplace environment. In addition, Forbes Magazine states that “well-being and company culture initiatives must be at the top of every company’s list”. Mint Medical has always been dedicated to promoting wellness and self-care among employees, which is why the company decided to offer in-studio or in-home massages for its RVTs. 

Chief Vascular Ultrasound Technologist Erwin Namayan was one of many employees to take advantage of this service. “The massage was exactly what I needed,” he said. He appreciated that the massage service was flexible with scheduling and could come to him. “[Mint Medical] knows how hard we work, and this is a great way to get some relaxation that we deserve.” 

Offering massage therapy is just one example of how Mint Medical cares for its employees. Other team members have shared why they love working at Mint Medical. “All the Mint Medical technologists are enjoyable to work with,” says Marilee Pickles, RVT. “Our manager is fantastic and does everything she can to ensure we are satisfied with our working conditions.” 

Lynn Vera has worked as a scheduler at Mint Medical for over fifteen years. “Working for Mint Medical has been a wonderful experience, and I believe that is why I’ve stayed so long. Having CC as my boss has been such a joy, and when you have wonderful people to work for and with, it makes such a difference,” she says.  

Mint Medical recognizes that its ability to provide high quality vascular ultrasound services depends on the highly skilled and devoted RVTs and other employees. In addition to benefits like massage therapy, Mint Medical provides health insurance, paid time off, 401K with employer matching, and professional development for its employees. Interested in joining the Mint Medical team? Learn more here

Guest Contributor: Jordan Galerkin 


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