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The Top 5 Qualities of an Excellent Vascular Lab

The Top 5 Qualities of an Excellent Vascular Lab

We all want to enjoy coming to work every day. When you enjoy your job, you’re more productive; you’re happier overall. Here are five qualities that make an excellent environment for vascular lab technicians (vascular techs) to work in daily. 

1) A positive work environment 

A positive work environment is essential for any profession. Many of us agree our work environment can affect how we do our jobs and make the day-to-day feel like a chore. A good work environment can do wonders for morale and productivity.  A “positive work environment” is one in which trust, cooperation, safety, risk-taking support, accountability, and equity are present. Abstract concepts characterize positive work environments. Trust, shared values, and shared purpose is what you should strive for. 

It has been such a joy to work at Mint Medical, and when you have wonderful people to work for and with, it makes such a difference in one’s job. I love my job; I love helping people.”

Lynn Vera

2) A team that works well together 

A successful lab has a team that works well together. Communication is key to ensuring that every lab department knows what’s happening in the others. A good lab environment also fosters a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. For a team to be productive, everyone needs to understand how their job fits into the bigger picture and be able to offer constructive feedback on how they can improve processes for the greater good of the company. 

Our manager is a well-experienced RVT (registered vascular technologist), that understands the difficulties that can arise with this job and is very helpful in ensuring our issues are addressed and taken care of.”

Marilee Pickles

3) Understands the importance of professional development 

To remain competent and excel in their profession, employees must continue to develop their professional skills. An individual should continue to learn throughout his or her career. Additionally, it helps employees stay up to date on industry trends. Employees can enhance their skills within their professions through attendance at conferences and seminars. An individual is more confident when performing a specific skill set if he or she gains more knowledge in that skill set. 

I receive an educational credit each year that I can use to attend Vascular conferences, buy educational literature to ensure I am staying abreast of current vascular issues, treatments, and research, and maintain my CMEs.”

Marilee Pickles

4)  Understanding that reputation matters 

A strong reputation is one of the most valuable things your business can have. Some businesses focus only on providing the best service and must remember to focus on their reputation in tandem. Each of the Mint Medical vascular techs knows that they not only represent the company in the facility they work in but also represent the facility itself.   

My team gets the job done.  Very flexible when it comes to covering shifts, especially during an emergency. Andre is also very good at communicating with the different facility managers and coming up with solutions for make-up days.  The other techs at different locations are always willing to learn.  They never hesitate to call or text me if they have questions or need help with a study.”

Erwin Namayan

5) A commitment to excellence 

A commitment to excellence separates the average vascular lab from the great ones. It can be difficult to quantify, but you know it when you see it. The best labs focus on achieving exceptional results and always strive to go above and beyond. The best labs are also committed to providing excellent customer service and building long-term relationships with their clients. 

We have the highest regard for the vascular lab team. Our vascular scheduler and registered vascular technicians (RVTs) are hard-working and diligent. The scheduler is always on top of things and manages the schedules very well. The RVTs are very knowledgeable and highly skilled. They all always go the extra mile for the patient! Communication between the vascular clinic and lab is crucial; we are blessed to have such an efficient team!”

Chad Ith, PA-C, Vascular Surgery