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What do RDMS and RVT stand for?

RDMS and RVT by Mintmedical

RDMS and RVT are certifications for those who perform ultrasound examinations. RDMS stands for Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, and RVT stands for Registered Vascular Technologist. The ARDMS, or American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography, administers the exams and grants the credentials for both certifications.

The ARDMS aims to maintain the quality of ultrasound examinations for patients by conducting these assessments. Their goal is to help set global standards for sonography. The ARDMS is operated by a non-profit governing alliance, the Inteleos Foundation.

A Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer must pass a physics examination as well as a specialty examination in a particular area of sonography, such as pediatrics or obstetrics and gynecology. Prerequisites to the examinations include completion of a college-level physics course or continuing medical education in physics.

A Registered Vascular Technologist is a separate credential from RDMS. Although both certificates authorize grantees to perform ultrasound examinations, the types of examinations are different. Those with an RDMS credential will perform ultrasound examinations in the specialty they choose. Those with an RVT credential will perform only vascular ultrasound examinations.

Vascular ultrasound focuses on the circulatory system specifically. These examinations are used to provide images of the veins and arteries within the body. They are an important diagnostic tool for vascular disease as well as for monitoring the vascular system after surgery.