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Iliac Vein Duplex

The Iliac Veins residing in the lower abdomen and pelvis return deoxygenated blood from the lower abdomen and legs back to the lungs and heart. To evaluate these veins for blood clots or other abnormal areas of narrowing the technologist will pass a risk-free, painless non-invasive ultrasound transducer (probe or wand) over your lower abdomen and groins to evaluate the size of the iliac veins and to assess the quality and quantity of blood flow within.


  • Evaluation for May-Thurner syndrome (compression of iliac veins)
  • Suspected deep vein thrombosis or DVT (blood clots in the legs), leg swelling or pain
  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Placement or monitoring of venous stents

Patient Preparation

Patients should fast for 6-8 hours prior to their exam. However, patients should take current medications as usual with a small sip of water.