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Getting to know Marilee Pickles, Registered Vascular Technologist

How long have you worked at Mint Medical?

Since June 2011

What has your career journey been like?

I worked in Colorado and Washington as a Vascular Tech before moving to California.

What’s your day like?

Vascular studies; venous reflux, segmental pressures, lower and upper arterial duplex, vein mapping, AV fistula, graft and stent surveillance, AAA, iliac artery, endograft, renal artery, mesenteric, and carotid duplex studies are the majority of studies we perform at this lab.

How would you describe the Mint’s culture?

We tend to work autonomously, but always have other technologists we can reach out to for assistance.  Our manager is a well-experienced RVT, who understands the difficulties that can arise with this job, and is very helpful in ensuring our issues are addressed and taken care of.

What is the best thing about working here?

I do like the patient care aspect of working in healthcare.  Knowing I did my best to provide quality imaging and information to the Vascular Surgeons so they can diagnose the patient and get them on the right path to feeling better and improving their current status.

How would you describe your coworkers and managers?

I have worked mainly with one coworker for 6+ years, but we occasionally have other technologists come to fill in while one of us takes a vacation or is out on sick leave.  We have great technologists with varying, but fun, personalities. All the Mint Medical technologists are enjoyable to work with.  Our manager is fantastic and does everything she can to ensure we are satisfied with our working conditions. 

What is your team like?

Because we are contracted with hospitals, we technically aren’t employed by the hospitals we work at.  The hospital I currently am at, Mint Medical, has run its vascular lab for over 15 years.  The hospital staff and doctors treat us very well, and we are included in staff activities and celebrations.  We work for a group of amazing Vascular Surgeons and a Physician Assistant that are approachable and help us out in any way they can.   

How has the organization helped with your professional development?

I receive an educational credit each year that I can use to attend Vascular conferences, and buy educational literature to ensure I am staying abreast of current vascular issues, treatments, and research, as well as maintaining my CMEs.