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Northwest Vascular Technologists Meet in October 2022

The Northwest Vascular Technologists Association held its annual conference in beautiful Bend, Oregon, at The Riverhouse on the Deschutes. The event is geared towards vascular technologists and other medical professionals and features keynote speakers, workshops, networking opportunities, and more.

It is an opportunity for vascular technologists and other medical professionals to come together for two days of learning, teaching, and networking with colleagues.

Talks are given by industry experts on topics such as new diagnostic technologies, best practices, and the latest research findings. The event drew over 400 attendees who had the opportunity to hear from world-renowned experts in their field.

Mint Medical sent four team members to learn, network, and connect with like-minded individuals.

This event provided our team with the opportunity to speak with experts in their field and gave us a chance to meet new potential business partners and mentors. Learning from others is an invaluable experience; at conferences, there will be no shortage of workshops, lectures, or roundtable discussions on topics of interest.

“The NWVT conference was very informative, and the venue was a great location.  It was great to meet new people at the event and bumping into a few that I haven’t seen in years.”

Erwin Namayan

Conferences not only offer a chance to learn new skills and connect with other professionals in your field, but allow us to gain a fresh perspective on what’s happening in the industry.

Our team went to these sessions and more.

  • Advanced arterial duplex in complicated CLTI – Jill Sommerset BS, RVT, FSVU
  • Advanced arterial duplex + pedal scan live demo – Jill Sommerset BS, RVT, FSVU
  • EndoAVF duplex imaging: Tip, Tricks and What’s important to know – Julie Herweg BS, RVT
  • The Role of an Ergonomic Workstation in Vascular Sonography – Carolyn T. Coffin, MPH, RDMS, RVT, RDCS
  • Advanced venous scan live demo – Sara Skjonsberg BS, RVT, RPhS
  • Standardization and the importance of… – Jacquelyn R. Butler BS, RVT RDMS
  • Peripheral nerve identification on ultrasound – Marresa Houle BS, RDMS, RPhS, RVT

“Obtaining continuing education credits is important, but it can be a nuisance. The NWVT Conference was great! It was in a beautiful location, and the speakers were entertaining and presented relevant content. I have been doing this job for a while now, but I still came away learning a few tips and tricks that will help me as well as my patients. It is also nice to see how other labs are doing things, and what new tests and techniques are on the horizon.”

Mark Beinz

Our other attendees expressed that an educational conference, such as NWVT, can be one of the most valuable investments you’ll make in your career, not only because you’ll learn something new and gain access to cutting-edge research but also because you’ll meet your future colleagues in the field and establish connections that could lead to valuable networking opportunities.