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Why Choose Mint Medical?

Mint Medical has been a leader in non-invasive vascular laboratory services in Northern California for over two decades. We offer end-to-end vascular lab management services including a range of diagnostic and screening ultrasound exams, state-of-the-art equipment, lab accreditation, and administrative services. 

Vascular ultrasound can be a crucial diagnostic and screening tool for vascular disease; however, the quality of the exams largely depends on the skill of the technologist performing them. Mint Medical’s highly trained technical staff includes Registered Vascular Technologists (RVTs) who perform more than 25,000 diagnostic exams annually. We provide consistent, quality results that our partners can depend on. In fact, our exam results have shown a proven correlation rate of over 90% when compared to the ‘gold standard’ angiograms. 

Importance of a Dedicated Vascular Laboratory 

Some hospitals and clinics perform vascular ultrasound exams within an existing radiology department rather than a dedicated vascular laboratory. In many cases, these labs are already inundated with other exams and cannot provide the same level of quality and attention-to-detail as a dedicated lab. Mint Medical can provide focused vascular ultrasound studies with accurate results in a timely manner, which is crucial for the vascular surgeons who order the studies, as well as for their patients. 

Mint Medical can set up and operate vascular ultrasound labs within a hospital or clinic’s existing vascular surgery department. This allows for timely studies performed in a collaborative environment, resulting in a better experience for the vascular surgeons, ultrasound technologists, and patients. Our end-to-end management services also guarantee a seamless experience for patients from start to finish. 

“We function as part of your organization,” says CC Todd-Edwards, Director of Clinical Operations at Mint Medical. “It is going to be seamless. We take care of the imaging, the scheduling [and] the reporting. We hold QA/QI meetings, get the labs accredited, and function as if we are employees of your organization while handling all your vascular ultrasound needs.” 

Why Partners Choose Mint Medical 

Our partners rely on us to provide best-in-class, flexible vascular laboratory services. Partners can choose end-to-end management or just a portion of our services to build a custom offering. No matter which services they choose, our partners can expect reliable results time after time.  

We offer the following services: 

  • Vascular lab accreditation 
  • Administrative services 
  • Lab operations 
  • Ultrasound equipment 
  • Quality assurance 

Partner Testimonial: 

“As a clinician in the Emergency Department (ED), I have had excellent experiences with the vascular lab. Along with being responsive…the sonographers have been collegial with ED staff. Their ultrasounds are of high quality and performed in a very timely manner. I have visited the vascular lab for clinical questions and they have been educational in regards to vascular pathology. We are lucky to have such a great resource for patient care and physician education in the hospital.” 

— Arun Nagdev, M.D., Department of Emergency Medicine 

Why Employees Choose Mint Medical 

At Mint Medical we foster a culture of dedication, collaboration, and continued professional development. We hire Registered Vascular Technologists (RVTs), Registered Physicians in Vascular Interpretation (RPVIs), and administrative staff who are all committed to high-quality patient care. We also lead by example: our leadership team members have backgrounds in vascular ultrasound and vascular surgery. 

Mint Medical employees enjoy full benefits, 401k with employer matching, and paid time off. RVTs and RPVIs also receive credits for their continuing medical education (CME). 

Employee Testimonials: 

“The company culture at Mint Medical is the best I’ve ever had the privilege to work for. Balanced. Fair. And fun!” – Erwin Namayan, Chief RVT 

“All the Mint Medical technologists are enjoyable to work with. Our manager is fantastic and does everything she can to ensure we are satisfied with our working conditions.” – Marilee Pickles, RVT 

When it comes to vascular ultrasound laboratory services, Mint Medical provides unbeatable quality and support. We can provide end-to-end lab management, accreditation services, and more. With our highly trained technologists and physicians, and state-of-the-art equipment, our partners can expect reliable vascular ultrasound results. To learn more, visit our partner page. If you are interested in joining the Mint Medical team, visit our careers page

Guest Contributor: Jordan Galerkin