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Why Facilities Love Our Labs 

Why Choose Mint Medical? 

Mint Medical is a leader in non-invasive vascular laboratory services across California. We partner with hospitals and practices to provide custom, flexible solutions. Offerings include Registered Vascular Technologists (RVTs), Registered Physicians in Vascular Interpretation (RPVI), state-of-the-art equipment, and administrative and billing services. 

There are a variety of reasons why our partners choose and trust in Mint Medical to provide their vascular laboratory services. We’ve assembled the top five based on partner feedback. 

1. Quality of Service 

Mint Medical provides quality services that go above and beyond. Many partners choose us because their in-house labs cannot provide the same level of dedicated diagnostic exams. With Mint Medical, our partners have access to a dedicated vascular lab with skilled RVTs who deliver high quality results. 

Vascular surgery departments need accurate results in a timely manner. Thanks to our credentialed RVTs and dedicated vascular lab management services, Mint Medical can provide this. Accurate results the first time also eliminates the need for repeat examinations, reducing stress for both patients and referring physicians.  

CC Todd-Edwards, Director of Clinical Operations at Mint Medical, explained some of the reasons why facilities may choose to outsource their vascular lab needs. “Some of our biggest clients had vascular work combined within the radiology department, which encompasses everything – MRI, CT, and general – it’s always a busy department. They may have many techs, but their prime focus is not vascular.” Having a dedicated vascular lab, especially within the hospital itself, allows for focused studies with quality results. Mint Medical can set up and operate these labs for our partners. “By taking us on, [partners] will have that personalized service,” CC says. 

2. Dedicated Patient Care 

In addition to being highly skilled, our RVTs and staff are highly compassionate and always put the patient first. It’s important for all patients to feel valued, but especially those who visit the vascular lab. “The patients that see vascular surgeons are often going to be repeat patients…you get to know them.” CC explains. “Often, we get compliments on just how caring the technologist is. They took their time, they explained the exam, and helped to calm [the patients] down,” she says.  
Our administrative staff has also received high praise from patients and their families. “[They] say the admin staff took their time, went the extra mile to get a patient in on short notice, or walked them through the hospital if they were confused about where to go,” CC says. “Patients want to feel seen and heard and care for.” 

Partner Testimonial: 

“We have the highest regard for the vascular lab team. Our vascular scheduler and registered vascular technicians (RVTs) are such hard-working and diligent people. The scheduler is always on top of things and manages the schedules very well. The RVTs are very knowledgeable and highly skilled. They all always go the extra mile for the patient! Communication between the vascular clinic and lab is crucial and we are blessed to have such an efficient team!” 


3. End-to-End Management 

While Mint Medical offers a variety of flexible solutions, our end-to-end management is one of the top reasons partners choose us. From lab set up to staffing, management, accreditation and more, Mint Medical provides all the services needed for a successful vascular lab. “We take care of everything, from scanning to scheduling,” says. CC. “That’s a main reason [partners] choose us,” she says.  

With end-to-end management, partners can expect a seamless experience for their doctors and patients. Administrative services include appointment scheduling, insurance verification, billing, patient triage and registration, and more. Mint Medical can also provide the tools and experience needed to manage the accreditation process for labs and goes above and beyond the minimum requirements. 

Partner Testimonial: 

“My experience with the Vascular Lab has been nothing but exceptional. The vascular coordinator and her team have always been professional and courteous. They have been more than helpful both in person and over the phone. In fact, they always facilitate the medical staff with their orders in a timely fashion. I am very pleased with their service and expertise.” 


4. Attention to Detail 

At Mint Medical, we take pride in our quality of work and attention to detail, and our partners take notice. “We are going to take the time to hit all the key points in every vascular exam, because we know what the doctors need,” CC says. “We have an attention to detail because we focus solely on vascular exams.” Our RVTs are highly trained and focused on vascular ultrasound, which means results doctors can trust. In fact, we have a proven correlation rate of over 90% when comparing our exams to angiograms. 

Attention to detail also allows for better quality control. “We run the quality assurance and quality improvement meeting with [our partners]. Only two per year are required for [lab] accreditation, but we do these quarterly and sometimes monthly depending on the lab,” CC explains. “We will [meet] with the surgeons and catch any errors, which allows for improvement on studies and lab processes.” This commitment to quality and dedication to improvement is yet another reason partners choose Mint Medical. 

Partner Testimonial: 

“With the invaluable help of Mint Medical, over 32,000 of our members [at Kaiser] have completed screening ultrasounds…These studies have been performed accurately and professionally and seamlessly…This has allowed us to complete [our] program on time and within budget. It has also allowed us to diagnose over 1,700 aneurysms, 10% of which have been large enough to require referral to one of our vascular surgeons.” 


5. Collaborative Environment 

All Mint Medical employees are dedicated to working closely with our partners. We work in tandem with physicians, nurses, and hospital staff to keep open communication and build professional relationships that last. We firmly believe that a collaborative environment is necessary to provide the best service and patient care. 

“[Partners] trust our work, [in part] because of the relationship that’s built between the techs, the doctors, and the PAs,” CC says. “Once you trust someone to do something as important as taking care of your patient – that’s huge.” Mint Medical can streamline patient care by keeping open communication with all parties involved. CC gives an example: “The surgeons get to know the techs, and as we build that relationship, they have more confidence that their patients are getting what they need.” Mint Medical strives to provide a collaborative environment that is well integrated with the hospital or practice we work with. 

Partner Testimonial: 

“As a clinician in the Emergency Department (ED), I have had excellent experiences with the vascular lab. Along with being responsive…the sonographers have been collegial with ED staff. Their ultrasounds are of high quality and performed in a very timely manner. I have visited the vascular lab for clinical questions and they have been educational in regards to vascular pathology. We are lucky to have such a great resource for patient care and physician education in the hospital.” 


It’s clear to see why the facilities we work with love our vascular labs. Mint Medical provides high quality end-to-end management and patient care within a collaborative environment. The company fosters this culture of dedication and excellence in all our employees. “We talk to each other and try to foster relationships with the patients and our clients…This is the Mint way. I have been with the company now for 22 years…and as we grow…we keep that going,” CC says. “No matter which lab Mint Medical operates, you’re going to get the same quality and the same dedication to doctors, patients, and studies.” 

Guest Contributor: Jordan Galerkin